Alwar City Guide:

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Alwar : It is amongst the Rajput principalities was closet to imperial Delhi, influencing the people and history of the region, formerly known as Mewat. The people of Alwar developed a hardy, but carefree attitude of life. They did not submit to alien rule, and often rebelled. They were daring adventures and marauders in the 12th and 13th centuries they banded together and raided Delhi at night. The western ghats of the capital had to be barred every evening against their coming. Sultan Balban (1267-1287) finally crushed their disorganised resistance and as a result they came under Muslim rule. In 1771, Maharaja Pratap Singh, A Kuchhwaha Rajput belonging to the same clan as the one that ruled Jaipur, won back Alwar and founded a principality of its own. Alwar is "Rich in Wildlife", it has one of the finest sanctuaries in Rajasthan.

Major Attractions

Sariska WildlifeSariska : Nestling in a picturesque valley of the Aravallis a forest comes to life. It pulses a beat of its own. The nature's rhythm reveals wildlife in its own natural habitat. This sanctuary established in 1955, offers an exceptional opportunity to see a variety of animals at a close range. There are tiger, nilgai (blue bull), sambar, cheetal, four-horned antelope and wild bear. The thick forest here are the dry deciduous type and cover on area of 480 sq. km. There is a spectacular palaces here built by Maharaja Jai Singh in honour of the Duke of Edinburgh when he visited the sanctuary, recently converted into a hotel.

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