Mount Abu City Guide:

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Mount Abu : This holy mountains lies at the southern extremity of the Aravalli range. Surrounded by forests rich in flora and fauna, the town appears as an oasis. The drive uphill along Abu Road overlooks an arid region strewn by huge rocks with smooth surfaces and weird shapes, fashioned by high velocity winds.
The altitude of this plateau, 1220 metres and abundant vegetation, have endowed Abu with a pleasant climate. It is a resort as well as a celebrated place of pilgrimage. Abu, according to legend, stands for the son of Himalaya, deriving its name from Arbuda, the powerful serpent who rescued Nandi, the sacred bull of Shiva, from a chasm. Yet another legend explains how the lake at Mt Abu got its name. It is believed that the gods formed the lake-bed by digging it with their fingernails-'nakh' - hence Nakki Lake.


Major Attractions:

Delwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple : The temples here built between the 11th and 13th centuries are famous for their rich intricate carvings in marble. Vimal Vasahi is the oldest of these Jain temples. Built in 1031 AD in the village of Dilwara by Vimal Shah, the minister of Bhim Deva, the first Solanki ruler of Gujarat, it is perfect example of Gurjar Pratitar temple architecture, comprising a central shrine, a room with a transept, a large colonnaded area and an ambulatory lined by 52 small shrines each housing a statue.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake : Beyond the Raghunath temple is the placid Nakki Lake studded with little islets. Nowhere else in India, except in the Himalayas does a lake exist 1200 metres above sea level. This lake, as legend has it, was dug out by gods with their nails. 

Achalgarh :  This fort built by Rana Kumbha in the 14th century is 10 km. Out of Abu, along of motorable road upto Achalgarh. Some beautiful temples enclosed in this fort one Achaleswar Mahadev Temple (1412 A.D.) and the Kantinath Jain Temple (1513 A.D.) which has a gold plated image. Near Achaleswar Mahadev Temple is the Mandakini Kund and a sculpture of Parmar Dharavarsh. Other temples are of Meena and Chamundi.
Sunset Point (Honeymoon Point) : This place offers an enchanting view of the crimson colours of dusk kissing the lush plains on the horizon.
Achalgarh : The highest peak on the mount at an altitude of 1722 meters, it commands a panoramic view of Mount Abu and the surroundings.

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