Pushkar Fair:

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar


Easily the most identifiable of Rajasthan's many fairs, Pushkar has come to symbolize the febrile heartbeat of the people of the state. Held in November in Pushkar, the temple town close to Ajmer, where an8th century temple of Lord Brahma draws the faithful, it is located on the banks of a lake. Pilgrims bathe at the "Ghats" and pray at the temple, while the actual fair is held in the vast stretching desert around it. Here, traders set camp to strike deals at India's and probably the words largest camel fair, though horses are sold. It is also a time for friends and families to get together, camp in desert entertain each other with folksongs and dances, cook meals over camp fires, and wander through the exuberant melee of people looking for handicrafts, or merely to stand in a queue for giant Marry go round wheel... "Special Tented Camps" are set up on the occasion for visitors but such is the draw of this fair internationally.


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